Are blood spillages dangerous?

Anyone that is exposed to blood spills or blood soaked items are at risk of catching a bloodborne pathogen which can be a serious or life threatening illness. Even in small spillages bloodborne pathogens can be present so it is always recommended that you contact a professional biohazard cleaning company. Professional companies should always carry the appropriate training and insurance, so check the company that you use is appropriate for carrying out the specialist work.


Can blood and blood soaked items be disposed of in a general waste bin?

Bloodied items and anything used to clean up the effected areas are considered to be a biohazard. Any items that have blood on them can contain infectious disease which makes them biohazardous and therefore should never be put into a general waste bin. This also includes any items that have carried blood including syringes and tubes. Any items that have come into contact with blood need to be disposed of via a yellow waste bin. Using a yellow waste bin or disposing of these biohazardous items means that everyone is aware of the dangers that are inside. If a waste collector was to pick up a bag of general waste that contained biohazards, they could unknowingly be infected as they are unaware of the true contents.


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