Choosing A Trusted Trauma Cleaner

It has recently come to light that a number of trauma cleaning companies who provide a clean up after death service have been charging their customers extortionate amounts. As this is a service that people would hopefully only need once in their life, many do not know the costs involved. Due to this we have decided to encourage those seeking this service to obtain a few quotes in order to ensure they are receiving the best service and quote on the market.

In one recent case, we were told by a customer that they had received a quote that was a whopping 4 times the amount we had quoted. We understand that when a customer is seeking an after death clean it is a situation they would like dealt with quickly. Due to this they perhaps agree to the first quotation they receive.


For further information or advice on choosing the right company for you, feel free to contact us on 0203 6408 247 or email us at [email protected]