Pigeon droppings removed by Trauma Clean 24 Seven

Trauma Clean 24 Seven’s specialist cleaning operatives are highly trained to carry out many different types of high risk cleaning. Pigeon faeces removal is one of the particular types of cleaning that often requires specialist and trained personnel. We have recently and successfully completed a clean at a block of disused toilets, which resulted in a very happy and satisfied client. The area has now been left in a safe and clean state ready for builders to enter in order to renovate the building.

What are the dangers involved?

Pigeon droppings can be very toxic to humans, they carry many different diseases, some of which can be fatal. Precautions must be taken when removing pigeon faeces and due to the risks involved it is strongly recommended that a professional is called to carry out the unsafe task. The seriousness of the health risks involved when exposed to pigeon droppings can be easily over looked by many. The diseases found in air particles from the pigeon faeces can be inhaled causing serious health problems.

If you would like further information on the types of diseases that can be contracted through pigeon and bird droppings, please visit the HSE government website. 

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