There are multiple reasons why a clean up after a death might be required. 24 Seven provide a specialist trauma cleaning service, our trained operatives are equipped and experienced to deal with many different circumstances of death.

Unattended Death

Sadly, the majority of clean up after deaths we provide are when people die alone at home and are left undiscovered for a number of days, weeks and on occasions months. When a body is left undiscovered the active decay stage can cause many problems to the area where the body is found, this can often involve removal of furniture, carpet and flooring. Flies are very quick to land on bodies and to start reproducing, within days there can be thousands of flies within the property. Our fogging method spreads mini droplets of cleaning chemical which not only decontaminates the area but also eliminates odour.


A professional clean may be required after the event of a suicide or attempted suicide. If blood is spilled it can often be quite a large area that requires professional biohazard cleaning. Vomit and faeces are other biohazards that can be found at the scene of a suicide and should always be removed by a trained trauma operative.

Accident or accidental death

After an accident or accidental death, we are on hand to carry out a biohazard clean to remove any bodily waste. Any items that have been affected are professionally cleaned and sanitised. Some furniture such as mattresses, sofas and also carpets may require removal if they have been heavily contaminated.

Death of someone who is living in cluttered property

Complications can arise when someone passes away and has been suffering from a hoarding disorder. 24 Seven’s services have been required by emergency services and also undertakers when they are unable to access the body due to there being no access because of the hoarding situation. We offer our emergency services and respond quickly to these calls enabling the emergency services to continue with their jobs.


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Clean Up After Death