The COVID victims no one knows about.

Many lonely people young and old are dying at home, laying undiscovered for many weeks. In recent months this has increased due to the lock down restrictions. Sadly most of the bodies that have eventually been discovered have been left for so long that they have started to decompose. It is expected that some of the victims have passed away from the COVID-19 disease however others have died from falls, suicide and other illnesses.

During this pandemic we are being asked to stay apart from our friends and our families to help stop the spread of the virus, however we should be mindful that there are a large amount of people who are silently suffering due to social restrictions. In the UK approximately 9 million people say they are struggling with loneliness and experts expect this figure to rise as a result of the social distancing measures. To date it is impossible to know the true number of people who are dying alone in their homes, as sadly there are more cases that are yet to be discovered.

Combating loneliness during the pandemic

We have all spent so long in our homes some of us may feel it is a real struggle to motivate ourselves. Current rules allow for friends to meet in outside spaces as long as a 2 metre distance is kept. Going for walks or enjoying a picnic together is a great way to boost your mood and socialise safely. If you know of someone who lives on their own, contacting them regularly and meeting up outside will help alleviate their loneliness and ensure they are safe and well. We must remember this is a time to look after our physical health and our mental health too.


For help and support on combating loneliness please visit Mind, the charity that helps support mental health.



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