Unattended deaths are among the most distressing and challenging incidents that can occur in a residential or commercial property. These unfortunate events often involve the discovery of a deceased individual who remained undiscovered for an extended period. In addition to the emotional trauma experienced by the bereaved, unattended deaths can pose significant health risks due to the presence of pathogens and biohazardous materials. This is where professional unattended death cleanup services, like Trauma Clean 24 Seven, play a crucial role in restoring safety and hygiene to the affected environment.

Understanding Unattended Deaths

Unattended deaths occur when an individual passes away in solitude, and their remains are not discovered for an extended period. These situations can result from a variety of circumstances, such as natural causes, accidents, or criminal activities. The lack of immediate discovery means that decomposition processes can commence, leading to the release of harmful biological materials and odours.

The Dangers of Unattended Deaths

The aftermath of an unattended death can be fraught with biohazardous materials and pathogens that pose health risks to anyone in proximity. Here are some of the main dangers associated with unattended deaths:

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens. In cases of violent or traumatic deaths, blood and bodily fluids can be present. These fluids may contain bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis, or other harmful microorganisms.
  2. Infectious Diseases. Decomposing bodies can become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that can spread infectious diseases.
  3. Odour and Airborne Particles. The decomposition process releases foul odours and airborne particles that can carry pathogens and pose respiratory risks to those exposed.
  4. Structural Damage. The decomposition fluids can permeate surfaces, leading to structural damage and contamination of building materials.

The Role of Trauma Clean 24 Seven

Trauma Clean 24 Seven is a professional unattended death cleanup service that specialises in managing the aftermath of unattended deaths and other biohazardous situations. These experts play a critical role in ensuring the safe and thorough clean-up of affected areas. Here’s how they handle these situations:

  1. Biohazard Cleanup. Trauma Clean 24 Seven has the training, equipment, and experience to safely and effectively remove biohazardous materials, including bodily fluids, tissues, and contaminated objects.
  2. Pathogen Mitigation. Professionals at Trauma Clean 24 Seven take the necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of pathogens. They use appropriate disinfectants and personal protective equipment to prevent exposure.
  3. Odour Control. The company specialises in odour removal, ensuring that the affected space is free from unpleasant and potentially harmful odours.
  4. Restoration. After the clean-up is complete, Trauma Clean 24 Seven offers restoration services to repair any structural damage or contamination that may have occurred.
  5. Compliance with Regulations. These professionals are well-versed in local, state, and federal regulations related to biohazard cleanup, ensuring that the process is compliant with all relevant laws.


Unattended deaths are tragic events that come with a host of biohazardous and health risks. Trauma Clean 24 Seven plays a vital role in mitigating these risks by providing professional, safe, and thorough clean-up services. Their expertise in handling biohazardous materials, pathogens, and structural restoration helps restore the affected area to a safe and habitable condition while offering peace of mind to those affected by such distressing incidents. In times of crisis, their services are indispensable, providing support, compassion, and a return to normalcy for those who need it most.

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