Flooding is thankfully something that doesn’t happen very often, but when it does the short and long term affects can be devastating. Every day we flush 11 million tons of waste down our toilets and we all hope that is the last we see of it. Unfortunately blockages and heavy rainfall can cause drains to become backed up leading to your home becoming flooded in highly unsanitary water.

What Should You Do?

When a flood hits your home the key is to act quickly.  Flood clearance can be a dangerous task but there are steps you can take to limit the damage in can cause:

  • Before you do anything, switch off your electricity supply at the mains and do not touch any outlets.
  • After they have been checked for safety, keep your oil and gas central heating on at around 20 – 22 degrees for steady drying.
  • Make sure you are protected – Flood water can contain sewage, chemicals and animal waste so ensure you are wearing protective clothing and wellington boots if you are coming into close contact.
  • Prevent further damage – Shovel away mud from walls evenly, making sure mud is not pressuring one side of the wall and not the other.

The Risks 

Unfortunately there are many health risks especially when raw sewage is involved. In most cases no amount of domestic cleaning products will effectively remove the odour and sanitise the area. It is important to use a professional supplier with the correct PPE and chemicals to carry out the clean efficiently.

Some of the bacteria and viruses that can be found in dirty water:

  • Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Gram Negative Bacteria
  • Hepatitis A
  • Leptospirosis

How Can Trauma Clean 24 Seven Help?

Here at Trauma Clean 24 Seven, we aim to be on site to carry out our flood & sewage cleaning service and have your premises clean and sanitised as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that having your home back in a safe condition is the priority. Our trauma teams are trained to deal with the safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials. A technique called fogging allows us to spray micro droplets of disinfectant to remove the bacteria from the room, even in areas that would not normally be reached by conventional cleaning. You can have confidence knowing that your house has been efficiently cleaned and is safe to be a home again.