Every time we breathe, we inhale a cocktail of potential pathogens. And we inhale about 20 times a minute, nearly 30,000 times a day, sucking in 15,000 litres of air. The world we live in is saturated with potential pathogens. Our bodies are designed to protect us from pathogens we encountered in every day lives – the hoarded home is not typical of the environment we are designed to encounter on a daily basis.  The build up of items in the home can attract pests; with hoarded items, rubbish and food items, which are not disposed of properly, rotting away and causing bacteria, mould and damp to accumulate in the property.

Airborne bacteria are everywhere and affect the quality of the air you breathe, particularly mould spores.  A healthy immune system will fight off many invaders before you are ever aware of the attack.  Airborne bacteria can cause severe infection when inhaled, ingested or come into contact with your skin.

Your environment determines whether you encounter the pathogen in the first place: and your immune system is how your body protects you from the pathogen if you do encounter it.

Frequency of exposure is also important. If there is a risk of getting a disease each time you encounter it, then the more times you are exposed to it the more likely you are to catch it.

Your immune system really should be the last resort – activating it comes with some risk of damage to your body.  Many diseases are caused by your immune system being overused by encountering bacteria too often – including allergy, arthritis, asthma, Crohn’s, diabetes, Lupus and multiple sclerosis. These diseases are classed as autoimmune conditions because the body attacks itself and can be stimulated by an overactive immune system.

With this in mind, the hoarded home really is a detrimental environment for your good health.  At Trauma Clean 24 Seven we provide a comprehensive hoarding clean up service carried out by professionally trained staff to restore your home to a safe and hygienic condition.

Contact a member of our friendly staff for more information.  All hoarding clean up service enquiries are taken in total confidence with sensitivity and our staff can offer help and advice alongside a free no obligation quotation to carry out the declutter and biohazard cleaning service.