People who reach out to us to help them with a hoarding disorder can be assured that our ethos is all about confidentiality.  The world of trauma cleaning is too often sensationalised in the media prompting curiosity and potentially unwelcoming intrusion into the lives of people who require our services.

At Trauma Clean 24Seven we are all too aware of the absolute necessity to protect our customers’ right to a discreet and confidential professional cleaning service.  We do not use sensitive material for any of our marketing material ensuring that our customers have the peace of mind that they can be provided with an efficient and professional hoarding clean up service without out the risk of feeling exposed to public scrutiny.

Our teams are professionally trained and experienced to deal with every scenario associated with a hoarding clean up ensuring discretion at all times whilst carrying out their duties.

Our hoarding clean up service is not only suitable for those who suffer from a hoarding disorder.  Sometimes, through ill health, people are unable to keep up with the regular routine cleaning regimes and all too often the property can quickly become over cluttered and unsanitary.  We are able to provide our services to quickly restore properties to a safe and hygienic condition to enable occupants to keep on top of the routine cleaning duties again.

To find out more about how we can help, simply take photographs of the rooms effected and email them to [email protected] for a free no obligation quotation.  Alternatively, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have over the telephone – call a member of our friendly office team on 0203 640 8247.  Rest assured that all of our team members are professionally trained and experienced and will deal with your enquiry with sensitivity and discretion at all times.