Companies like 24Seven offer vital services for those who suffer from a hoarding disorder.  We are professionally trained to sanitise and decontaminate a premises, removing all biohazardous material, unwanted rubbish and unused items from the hoarded home.

A risk of fire is a reality in the hoarded home which can lead to potential threat to nearby properties and their occupants.  If the hoarded property is in a communal block of flats for example, any fire risk is considered to be an unacceptable situation for the premises management of the building and the local fire service.  Occasionally the situation can be so extreme that the residents involved face being asked to vacate their home to be able to alleviate the risk of fire.

Fire risks can come from the amount of combustible materials which are built up in the property, such as papers or linens, or the electrical wiring which can become damaged by the weight of possessions; old wiring may be worn out or pests can chew on wires.  Pests can also become a major problem in the hoarded home with unsanitary conditions attracting flies, rodents and bedbugs; 24Seven Trauma clean offer a pest control services as part of their hoarding clean up service.

Hoarding is often a symptom of poor mental health and usually the person involved will need to seek professional medial advice before they are able to move forward and dispose of items in the hoarded home.  Once you are ready to declutter and clean the premises our hoarding clean up service is recommended to restore the property to a safe and hygienic environment.  Just knowing that the home you live in is safe, clutter free and clean can drastically improve your mental health and allow you to move forward again.

For more guidance and information concerning a hoarding disorder these websites may be helpful:

If you are concerned about someone who may be living with a hoarding disorder we are here to help.  Contact a member of our friendly office team who can give you advice and a free quotation for our hoarding clean up service.  Call 0203 640 8247 or email your enquiry to [email protected]