Trauma Clean 24 Seven have carried out a huge number of house clearances. More often than not the occupant has passed away which is when we are called. Sadly many hoarders have lived in dangerous conditions for a long period of time. There is no quick fix but there is help available for those with a severe disorder. With support from family, friends and specialist services they can have their home back.

What are the signs of a hoarder?

Do you know someone who’s living space has been affected by too much clutter? Can they use rooms for their purpose or has it become impossible? Do they find it difficult to throw away items that would usually be seen as rubbish? People who have a hoarding disorder often allow themselves to become isolated. They refuse help and stop communicating with friends and family, this is often due to the occupant being embarrassed by the clutter in their home.

If you are concerned about somebody and want to attempt to assist them with their hoarding conditions click here for further information on the NHS website. 

Our approach?

On first contact we will ask for information on the size and location of the house. We will then either ask to visit the property or if photographs can be supplied. We understand that it may be difficult to visit the property especially if the occupant does not wish for us to enter, on some occasions we meet somewhere mutual beforehand to discuss the process in further detail.


For further information on how hoarding clean up service please contact our friendly office staff on 0203 6408 247.

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