Happy Birthday 24 Seven Trauma Clean

Over the last 8 years the 24 Sevens trauma division has provided many customers with professional bio hazard cleans and services. In particular in the last 3 years we have noticed an increase in hoarder clearances and sadly unattended deaths. Due to the demand we have continued to increase our teams allowing us to provide our specialist decontamination services to more and more people.

Over the years our teams have seen and experienced some awful sights, from sewage floods to, blood spillages and houses with clutter filled right up to the ceiling. We understand that for most of our customers it is a difficult time for them, but from the moment they get in contact with our friendly office team we put your mind at ease. The office team are experienced to answer any questions our customers may have, no matter how difficult they may be and they will  be reassured that this is nothing new for us.

Our focus

We continue to keep our customers a priority and provide a quick response to emergency enquiries. We understand that the nature of many of the enquiries are sensitive and can often be a health hazard if they are not addressed quickly, which is why we continue to grow our teams and provide the appropriate training so we can action professional teams to carry out the decontamination as safely and quickly as possible.


For any enquiries you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0203 6408 247


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