Over the past two years the problems surrounding fly tipping in the UK have increased to the point where the Government have been developing a more robust strategy to address this issue.  Government statistics for England in 2021/21 dealt with 1.13 million flying tipping incidents, an increase of 16% from the 980,000 reported the previous year.  It has been found that approximately 65% of fly-tips found involved household waste items.

Consequently, Local Authority councils have been given a directive to investigate cases of fly-tipping more closely, taking enforcement action by pursuing offenders through the court system whenever possible.  Independent companies are being engaged to investigate the contents of the fly-tipped waste to determine their origins and to trace items back to the original owners if CCTV footage is not available to identify the fly-tipper personally.

There is currently no minimum set penalty fine set out in law for unlawfully depositing waste and sentencing for individual cases is left down to the local court.  However local authorities are able to issue a number of fixed penalty notices and also seize vehicles used for fly-tipping.  Householders can be fined up to £400 if they pass their waste on to an unlicensed waste carrier which is subsequently fly-tipped.

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