Our 24 Seven Trauma Clean operatives follow a step by step process when providing a clean up after death service. This ensures that we provide an efficient clean, leaving the property safe for use again.

Before entering a property the correct PPE is worn to ensure no cross contamination and to protect the operatives from any biohazards. On entering the area where the deceased was found, we immediately assess the scene for any risks and to obtain where the biohazards are located. We take multiple photographs of the area for our auditing and reporting records. Our reports can often be requested by insurers and other third party companies.

The first stage of the clean is to eliminate any flies that are in the property, this is done by using a fly bomb. Once the flies have been dealt with the next important step is to remove any large items that have been affected by biohazards such as sofas, mattresses and beds.

Any flooring that cannot be safely cleaned is then taken up and removed. Depending on the size of the area our operatives may take up the whole carpet and underlay for incineration. Any other areas affected will be sanitised and cleaned using professional cleaning chemicals and methods. The next stage of the clean involves removing any insects such as maggots. As maggots often bury themselves in thick pile carpet it is sometimes best if the carpet is removed entirely to stop the cycle of fly eggs hatching.

Upon completion of the clean we deodorise the property using a fogging method that uses lots of mini droplets of specialist chemical to remove any unpleasant smells. Our final step is to take after photographs to include on the report that we can provide upon request.

For further information on our clean up after death service, please contact us on 02036408247 or email us at [email protected]

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