Astoundingly up to 60 people die alone in their homes each week in England and have no friends or family to support them or arrange their funerals. People are living longer meaning there are more elderly people who are dying in their homes and not being found for long periods of time. These lonely deaths will only increase as the elderly population continues to grow.


During these modern times, life is busy and despite having advanced technology more and more people are becoming disconnected from each other. Over a decade ago everyone knew each other with high streets full of shops who had their regulars, so it was common for people to notice if someone was missing from their usual routine or visit to the shops. Older people who wish to live at home rather than in care, said the elderly had always died in their homes in these circumstances, but that society was now “less connected” than in the past.


The pandemic has had a huge impact keeping families apart from their loved ones. In one extremely sad circumstance, an elderly woman had collapsed on the floor and her equally frail husband tried to help her but also fell and couldn’t get himself back up to raise the alarm and ask for help. Sadly by the time they were found 4 days later the wife had already passed away with the husband lying next to her, he went on to recover in hospital.


According to the campaign to end loneliness, “Loneliness is likely to increase your risk of death by 26%”. With loneliness becoming a common issue it is important now more than ever to raise awareness about the impacts including mental health issues surrounding it. If you are feeling lonely and would like some help, you can visit the campaign to end loneliness website for some advice and tips on how to improve your situation.


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