Our operatives work hard to bring a professional and friendly clean up after death service to families who have lost a loved one.  Alternatively, our biohazard declutter and hoarding clean up service is available if you have a relative who has been unwell; if blood, faeces or any other bodily fluids are present we will take care of it for you. Cleaning up biohazards is a job that it is recommended you carry out without professional help or advice, especially whilst also dealing with the emotions of grief or anxiety.  24 Seven can assist and take away that burden leaving you with a clean, hygienic and biohazard free home.

As part of our hoarding clean up service and clean up after death service , we ensure that all biohazardous waste and any items that have been contaminated with biohazards are removed and taken for incineration. If we are unable to remove biohazards effectively from carpets and soft furnishings these will also be removed and taken away for safe disposal. We hold the highest tier waste carriers license, which means that every item we remove from a property is then our responsibility and is disposed of properly under the conditions of the licencing agreement, giving you peace of mind.

For any questions or for further information please contact a member of our friendly office team on 0203 640 8247 or email us at [email protected]