Clean up after a death – Where to start?

Nobody should have to clean up after a death of a family member. When a death occurs within the family it is a very emotional and tragic time for everyone involved. In the event that the deceased has passed away in their home, the onus is on the family to have the property cleaned. Due to bio hazards often associated with deaths, it is not advised that the family undertakes the clean themselves. A professional trauma cleaner will have the appropriate training and skills to remove bio hazardous substances safely.


We take care of the situation so you don’t have to

Using our services will alleviate any stress, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters. Regardless of the situation, Trauma Clean 24Seven are fully equipped to deal with traumatic scenes. Dangerous viruses survive in biological substances for a long time causing a risk to anyone who comes in to contact with them. Our specialist cleaning operatives are trained in these areas and therefore appreciate the dangers linked with bio hazards. Our sensitive and professional approach means we leave a property in a safe and clean condition ready for use again.


Trauma Clean 24Seven clean up service includes the following:

  • We eliminate foul odours from the property
  • Remove and safely dispose of items affected by the bio-hazard – this includes carpets and furniture.
  • Decontaminate affected area making it safe for use again
  • Exterminate and remove insects from the property



If you require further information on our clean up after death service please contact our friendly staff on 0870 300 3232.


Clean Up After Death