If you find yourself in the position that you require our clean up after death service, we understand that this service needs to be carried out discreetly, sensitively and efficiently in a timely manner.  If the deceased has passed away in their home, it falls to the next of kin to ensure that the property is cleaned thoroughly and that any resulting biohazards are removed.  If there are no known next-of-kin, this task will often fall to the property owner or beneficiary of the will.

Due to the risks involved to humans with this type of cleaning, you will often be advised by the police or coroner’s office to engage a professional cleaning company; in most cases of an unattended death biohazardous material will be left behind.  It is not advised that you undertake this type of cleaning without professional cleaning products and knowledge of the cleaning processes required.  A professional trauma cleaner will have the appropriate training and skills to remove biohazardous substances safely.

Using our services will alleviate a great deal of stress, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters.  Regardless of the situation, Trauma Clean 24Seven are fully equipped to deal with any eventuality offering you peace of mind that the cleaning will be carried out quickly and effectively.  Dangerous viruses survive in biological substances for a very long time causing a risk to anyone who comes in to contact with them and quite often our teams are called out days, months and even years after the deceased person had passed away. Our specialist cleaning operatives are trained in these areas and therefore appreciate the dangers linked with all biohazards. Our sensitive and professional approach means we always leave a property in a safe and clean condition ready for use again in no time.

Trauma Clean 24Seven clean up after death service includes the following:

  • We eliminate unpleasant odours from the property.
  • Remove and safely dispose of all items affected by the biohazard – this includes floor coverings and furniture if required.
  • Decontaminate all affected areas making the property safe for use again.
  • Exterminate and remove insects from the property.

We are also able to offer this service not only directly to members of the public, but any businesses or local authorities that are managing property rentals and lettings which may need our assistance.

If you require further information on our clean up after death service, please contact a member of our friendly office team on 0203 640 8247 or email your enquiry to [email protected]

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