The definition of trauma:

“a mental condition caused by severe shock, stress or fear, especially when the harmful effects last for a long time”

Reading this you would be forgiven for thinking “How does that relate to the cleaning industry?”.  Quite simply the trauma suffered by people on a daily basis often leaves in its wake a situation that requires someone to step in and help to alleviate the situation.  This very often will take the form of a professionally trained person who has the skills and knowledge to be able to quickly and effectively clean up a biohazard in the environment.  Examples may include after a death in the home, a road traffic collision, accident at home or in the workplace or sometimes simply just unsanitary living conditions.

Trauma can take many forms resulting in physical and mental symptoms for the people involved.  Our services at Trauma Clean 24Seven are specifically tailored to the individual directly involved with the traumatic event.  Whether you are suffering from poor mental health and may need a hoarding clean up service, or a family member faced with the task of arranging a clean up after death service, we are here to help.

Our hoarding clean up service can also be customised to suit property void clearance, squatter or declutter clean up services for landlords or local councils.  We also provide a needles clean up service to safely clear away and dispose of drug paraphernalia found in premises or outdoor spaces.

Whatever your ‘trauma cleaning’ requirements may be – take a look at our cleaning services page and contact a member of our friendly office team to discuss your situation.  We are able to offer a free quotation and advice to help you deal effectively with any biohazard cleaning situation.  Simply call us on 0203 6408 247 to discuss your requirements; alternatively, you can send some photographs of the effected areas directly to our office via email to [email protected].  We will review the information received and respond without delay to all enquiries we receive.