Too many people assume that cleaning up after a death is a standard cleaning process when, in reality, it is anything but.  The process will always require professionally trained people with the proper equipment and expertise to carry out the task.  It is not recommended that you try to carry out this cleaning task yourself due to the number of harmful pathogens which remain in situ when a body begins to decompose.  These pathogens can remain in anything that has been in contact with the deceased, including flooring and bedding, unless an industry grade chemical is used under professional supervision to remove any biohazard present.  At Trauma Clean 24Seven all our personnel complete the National Academy of Specialist Cleaners accredited training courses to qualify them as professional cleaning service providers.

Without going into too many details regarding the scene of an unattended death, there are quite often flies and maggots present at the scene which also require professional attention to remove.  The maggots can spread rapidly throughout the property often embedded in any carpets or flooring crevices and they carry with them the harmful pathogens from the scene.  At Trauma Clean 24Seven our staff are aware of the processes involved to eradicate these unwanted pests from the property.

Odours at the scene are also an issue which it is very difficult to tackle without professional help; the residual smells which are often present in the property can linger if the biohazard is not entirely removed when the after death cleaning is carried out.   As part of Trauma Clean 24 Seven’s clean up after a death service we will eradicate the residual odours after complete sanitisation of the effected area and we will also remove any decaying food which may remain in the property restoring the premises to safe and hygienic living conditions.

We are a fully licensed waste carrier and will remove any items which are contaminated by biohazard and these will be disposed of in accordance with  the guidelines associated with biohazard cleaning.

If you need us in an emergency call a member of our team at any time to discuss your requirements or email us at [email protected] and we will be able to give you help and advice and a quotation which is personalised to meet your requirements.