Crime scene cleaning

Crime scene cleaning is one of the specialist cleaning services that Trauma Clean 24 Seven offer. During these cleans our operatives are trained to wear the appropriate equipment to protect them from harmful bacteria’s and pathogens often found in bodily fluids. There are many different types of bacteria, the majority are harmless or even good for us, the others are pathogenic and can cause infectious diseases. These pathogenic diseases can often make us feel unwell and some can cause death.



What is a pathogen?

A pathogen is anything that can produce a disease. Infectious diseases were by far the leading cause of deaths from 1850 to 2000. Our trauma cleaners are often required to remove and clean bodily fluids which may unknowingly contain harmful pathogens. Due to the hazards involved in cleaning bodily fluids, these high risk jobs should always be carried out by trained cleaning operatives. Trauma Clean 24 Seven operatives are highly trained to use the correct PPE and chemicals depending on the area to be cleaned and the bio hazards being removed.


Different types of pathogens:


  • Bacteria – Infections, Ecoli
  • Viruses – Aids, Influenza, Hepatitis
  • Fungal – Athletes foot
  • Protists – Malaria, Algae



How can pathogens be transmitted? 

Pathogens can easily be transmitted through various different ways including airborne, direct or indirect contact, sexual contact and bodily fluids. The specialist chemicals trauma clean use ensure that all areas are thoroughly sanitised before declaring the room or property safe for use again.


If you require further information on our trauma cleaning services, please contact us on 0870 300 3232.