It is important to recognise the difference between someone who collects items and someone who hoards. For those who find it a challenge to throw every day items away, this can often be a sign of someone who is suffering with a hoarding disorder. Although many of us may struggle to let go of every day items (just in case we need it), when does it become an issue and when is it time to take action?


Hoarding is a very complex illness, those suffering with the disorder may often hide their hoarding well and it isn’t until they finally allow someone into the house that friends and family discover the true extent of the hoarding. It is important that to seek help and counselling especially if the home is not able to function how it should. If the clutter is preventing the person from being able to use their kitchen to prepare food and wash up afterwards; to use the bathroom facilities and  from having a safe and comfortable area to sleep then their health is at serious risk.


Our specialist cleaning teams provide a hoarder clearance service without judgment. We are experienced in dealing with many varieties of hoarding. We have worked at properties where items are neatly stacked to those who leave items where they land. We ensure that the property is cleared and in a clean condition.

Click here to visit the NHS website for further information on hoarding. 


For further help and advice on hoarder clearance services, please either email us at or telephone on 02036408247.