Do you know what a biohazard is?  Many people have a limited knowledge when it comes to identifying biohazards in the home.  Some biohazards can be found in every day life and others are sadly a result of a death in the family or a traumatic event.  Some can be the result of ill health or poor mental health – no biohazard is too large or too small to address by 24Seven Trauma Clean.

To help you identify a biohazard in the home perhaps a definition would be helpful.  A biohazard is a hazardous substance, containing microorganisms and harmful pathogens, which may be hazardous if exposed to, examples of this could be blood, bodily fluids, faeces, urine or animal droppings from a pest infestation.  Examples of harmful pathogens can be bacteria, viruses, mould spores or yeast cells.  Floods in the home can also expose the resident to waterborne pathogens.

It is recommended that any biohazard cleaning in the home is undertaken by a professionally trained remediation service who will use the industry grade products and are fully equipped with the required personal protective equipment.  It is not recommended that you should be exposed to a biohazard to any length of time due to the health risks involved – domestic cleaning products are also not often effective to entirely sanitise the area.  Do not risk contamination from biohazards in the home, contact us at Trauma Clean 24 Seven to discuss your requirements – we provide a number of services which you can view from this link.  Our Hoarding Clean Up service and Clean Up After Death service can be quoted by giving a member of our friendly team a call or emailing your enquiry through to us – details are below and all contact with us is completely confidential.