The world of crime scene, hoarding and suicide cleaning services has recently been glamourised by TV shows which do not unfortunately portray an accurate picture of the industry.  Extreme cleaners or ‘trauma cleaners’ as we prefer to refer to them, are hardworking, dedicated and extremely resourceful individuals who do not seek the limelight; their goals more focussed on the services they provide restoring areas to safe, clean and hygienic conditions with a minimum of disruption to the customer.

Our teams at Trauma Clean 24 Seven are professionally trained having completed extensive accredited training with the National Academy of Specialist Cleaners.  This training is vital for them to be able to carry out their roles and to be aware of all of the many hazards which are involved, ensuring not only the safety of the customer but their personal safety as well.

Chemicals and equipment used for all of Trauma Clean 24 Seven’s services are all of an industry standard and, as such, must be used correctly to ensure maximum efficiency and excellent results.  The training received by our personnel is vital to achieve this result.  Customers who request a hoarding clean up service, a clean up after death serviceneedles clean up or even a flood and sewage decontamination service can rest assured that the results will always be of the highest standard delivering complete satisfaction to the customer.

Our customers who are looking for ‘extreme cleaners’ that they may have seen on TV may bit a little disappointed that the counselling service which appears to be evident is not offered by our teams.  On occasion our customers need to deal with some very personal issues which surround the circumstances that require them to engage our company to carry out a specialist service.  Our teams do work extremely closely with our customers to provide as much support as we can to help them to achieve their desired outcome.  However, the hard work for the customer may be the journey before they come to us to reach the point where they are ready to move forward and take the next steps to achieve a clean and safe living environment.

We always suggest that customers who are struggling with any health issues should contact a professional health service provider to guide them through the process before they engage our services, either their local adult social care team or a reliable charity such as MIND or Hoarding UK – links to these organisations can be found below for help and advice:

When you are ready for the next step please contact a member of our friendly office team for a confidential discussion about your requirements.  We can offer you a bespoke, no obligation, quotation to carry out any of our services which can be found here.