As a landlord, managing and maintaining your property is a crucial aspect of ensuring a safe and habitable environment for your tenants. However, there are situations that may arise, such as hoarding, that can pose unique challenges. Hoarding not only affects the well-being of your property but also raises questions about insurance coverage for the hoarding clean-up process.

In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of landlord’s insurance and whether it covers the specialised service of hoarding clean-up. With a focus on Trauma Clean 24 Seven, a professional clean-up service that specialises in handling traumatic and challenging situations.

Understanding Landlord’s Insurance

Landlord’s insurance typically covers damages to the structure of the property, liability protection, and sometimes personal property inside the rental unit. However, coverage can vary significantly depending on the specific policy and insurance provider. It is essential for landlords to thoroughly review their insurance policy to understand the extent of their coverage.

Hoarding Clean-up: A Specialised Challenge

Hoarding is a complex issue that goes beyond general property maintenance. It often involves excessive accumulation of items, unsanitary conditions, and potential health hazards. Cleaning up a hoarded property requires specialised skills, equipment, and a thorough understanding of safety protocols.

Trauma Clean 24 Seven: Experts in Hoarding Clean-up

Trauma Clean 24 Seven is a professional cleaning service that specialises in addressing challenging situations, including hoarding clean-up. Our team is trained to handle biohazardous materials, sanitise affected areas, and restore properties to a safe and habitable condition.

Does Landlord’s Insurance Cover Hoarding Clean-up?

While standard landlord’s insurance may cover property damage, it may not specifically address the unique challenges posed by hoarding situations. In many cases, hoarding clean-up may be considered a specialised service beyond the scope of typical property maintenance.

Landlords should contact their insurance provider to inquire about coverage for hoarding clean-up specifically. Some policies may offer coverage for cleaning and restoration services, while others may require additional endorsements or riders to include such specialised situations.

The Importance of Communication

To navigate the complexities of insurance coverage, landlords are encouraged to maintain open communication with their insurance providers. Clearly outlining concerns related to hoarding clean-up and understanding the available insurance options. This can help landlords make informed decisions about protecting their investment and ensuring the well-being of their tenants.


Landlords face various challenges in maintaining their properties, and hoarding situations require a unique and specialised approach. While standard landlord’s insurance may cover certain aspects of property damage, it is crucial for landlords to investigate and clarify whether hoarding clean-up services are included in their coverage.

Trauma Clean 24 Seven stands ready to assist landlords in addressing hoarding situations with professionalism and expertise. By understanding the nuances of insurance coverage and working with specialised clean-up services, landlords can ensure the safety and habitability of their properties for both current and future tenants.

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