A body of a man was found in his home surrounded by piles of rubbish.

Emergency services requested our hoarder clearance service when they discovered a body of a man in a severely hoarded property. A pathway needed to be cleared to gain safe access to the man’s body. Sadly it is believed the man had died after falling and hitting his head. The house was so severely cluttered that his body could not be reached without making a pathway. Operatives promptly arrived on site to start removing the layers of rubbish. From the outside of the property it was clear that the hoarding had been happening for some time and had become out of control. Eventually a safe clear path had been made allowing the emergency services to remove the gentleman’s body from the property.


What is hoarding?

Hoarding is a mental health illness that affects around 5% of the UK. There are charity organisations such as Mind who are on hand to provide help and support through guidance steps, to try and take control of peoples hoarding habits.

Help and advice relating to mental health and hoarding can be found on Mind’s website – just click here

More information on our hoarder clearance service can be found at:

Hoarding Clean Up