Christmas for many across the world is a time to celebrate and be happy with our friends and family. Unfortunately for some, Christmas is a time where they can be reminded of traumatic experiences or loved ones they have lost. This plus the added pressures of buying presents remembering to write Christmas cards or even feeling lonely, can increase stress and affect our mental health in lots of different ways.

These are some of the ways you could be feeling at Christmas

  • you may feel lonely due to others celebrating with their families when you are not.
  • you may dread Christmas due to the stresses it brings with other pressures you are also dealing with in your life.
  • feel pressured to compete with other peoples ideas of Christmas and the costs involved with this.
  • want to celebrate with someone who’s struggling mentally.


Sadly around Christmas and the New Year, we experience higher volumes of after death cleaning requests as a result of suicide. It is important that if you are feeling stressed, pressured or suicidal that these thoughts and feelings are not normal and to seek help. Talking to a friend or family member or even by calling a charity helpline such as Mind will help, it is important not to brush it away.


If you know of someone who often struggles at Christmas or if you are concerned about their mental wellbeing, make sure they know you are there to listen and help where possible. Some people in therapy or counselling may miss out on an appointment due to the Christmas closure which could cause them worry if this is a support service they heavily rely on.