Statistically hoarding behaviour is on the rise – we certainly have noticed an increase in demand for our services here at 24Seven Trauma Clean.  It appears that there are quite a few reasons why people are more frequently deciding they require a hoarding clean up service.

The cost-of-living crisis has been in the forefront of everyone’s minds lately, people who may have been inclined to hoard items such as paper, clothes and electrical items are now anxious about the affordability of food and are gathering together stores of edible items as their anxiety levels build.  During the pandemic people called this stockpiling which was not entirely unreasonable behaviour considering that many shops had very limited availability of items, but hoarding can take this to another level.  Quite often the hoarded house will have many rooms which cannot be used for their intended purpose – a definitive indicator of a hoarded home.

A hoarding disorder can be a symptom of extreme anxiety where control is the addictive emotion which is used as a security blanket helping the sufferer cope with day to day living – similar to people who regularly rely on alcohol or drugs to cope.

At 24Seven Trauma Clean our professionally trained staff are able to assist with the aftermath of a hoarding disorder by carrying out a hoarding clean up service.  Once the sufferer is ready to move forward and improve their situation, there are many charities and organisations which can offer support with a hoarding disorder – a selection of these services is linked below and more help should be available from your GP or local authority adult social care team:

When you are ready to move forward and require help with restoring your home to a clean and hygienic space contact a member of our friendly office team for a free, no obligation, quotation for our hoarding clean up service.  We are a licensed waste carrier and our staff are professionally trained to remove all traces of biohazard from your home.