The Dangers Of Needles

Used needles can present a huge risk of injury to people attempting to remove them, without using the correct equipment. First and foremost it is important not to touch the needle, coming into contact can cause a huge health hazard as they can carry viruses such as Hepatitis B and HIV.


What To Do If You Find Needles?

Discovering used needles is something that not many of us will experience. But what should you do if you find one and who do you contact? If a needle is found in a public area you must contact your local council, who have their own needle clean up service. If needles are found on private property then, it is down to the owner to arrange a specialist company to dispose of the dangerous items.

Trauma Clean 24 Seven are professionally trained to deal with the removal and safe clean up of needles and drug paraphernalia. When exposed to the risks of needles it is important to contact a specialist clean up service immediately, to prevent anybody from injuring themselves. It is recommended that you do no attempt to discard the needles yourself, as they cannot be disposed of in general waste bins. Trauma Clean are often contacted to visit car parks or hotels where needles have been left badly discarded.


What To Do If You’re Injured By A Needle

  1. Clean the wound with soapy warm water, but do not scrub area.
  2. Seek medical care immediately. You may need treatment to reduce the risk of disease or infection.


For further help and advice visit NHS Website.


If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Trauma Clean 24 Seven on 0870 300 3232.

Needle Clean Up