In the domain of trauma scene cleaning, Trauma Clean 24 Seven stands as a trusted name known for its exceptional expertise in addressing challenging situations. Recently, the team was called to action at a doctor’s surgery in Nottingham, responding to a case of measles that had caused concern.

The Challenge

The contagious nature of measles, required urgent action to contain the outbreak. Recognising the gravity of the situation, the surgery enlisted Trauma Clean 24 Seven’s expertise to address the aftermath and implement biohazard and trauma scene cleaning measures.

The Trauma Clean 24 Seven Approach

Upon arrival Trauma Clean 24 Seven team conducted a meticulous assessment of the affected areas. The team took into consideration the layout of the surgery and the potential risk of contamination. Equipped with cutting-edge tools for biohazard cleaning and protective gear, the team formulated a comprehensive plan to eliminate any remnants of the virus.

Isolation and Containment

The first step involved isolating and implementing stringent containment measures. This is important to prevent further spread of the virus within the surgery and the broader community. Trauma Clean 24 Seven’s expertise in trauma scene cleaning played a crucial role in minimising the risk of secondary infections.

Disinfection Protocols

Trauma Clean 24 Seven implemented rigorous specialist cleaning protocols. We use specialised cleaning agents designed to neutralise the measles virus. Every surface, from waiting areas to examination rooms, underwent thorough cleaning to ensure no traces of the virus lingered.

Air Quality Management

Acknowledging the airborne nature of measles, the team took extra precautions to address air quality. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and air purification systems were strategically deployed to minimise the risk of airborne transmission. This shows Trauma Clean 24 Seven’s commitment to comprehensive trauma scene cleaning.

Professionalism and Sensitivity

Throughout the process, Trauma Clean 24 Seven maintained a high level of professionalism and sensitivity. Understanding the emotional toll on both patients and staff, the team worked discreetly and efficiently, demonstrating their dedication to biohazard cleaning while minimising disruptions to the surgery’s daily operations.


Trauma Clean 24 Seven’s meticulous trauma scene cleaning approach produced exceptional results. The doctor’s surgery in Nottingham was not only disinfected but transformed into a safe space where patients and staff could confidently resume their activities. The swift and thorough response by Trauma Clean 24 Seven played a pivotal role in containing the measles outbreak. Showcasing our expertise in both trauma scene cleaning and public health safety.


The case study of Trauma Clean 24 Seven’s intervention in the Nottingham doctor’s surgery underscores the crucial role of professional trauma scene cleaning services in the face of infectious outbreaks. Beyond their technical proficiency, the team’s compassion and understanding contributed to the well-being of the community. Trauma Clean 24 Seven plays a vital role in restoring safety and peace of mind during challenging times through their comprehensive trauma scene cleaning services.

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