In the aftermath of traumatic events, professional trauma scene cleaning is essential. Trauma Clean 24 Seven is at the forefront, dedicated to restoring spaces and offering support during challenging times. Today, let’s explore the diverse range of clients they work with to bring healing and normalcy.

Who We Work With

  1. Law Enforcement Agencies: Trauma Clean 24 Seven collaborates closely with law enforcement, providing swift and effective cleanup at crime scenes. They understand the urgency, ensuring spaces are restored promptly for investigators.
  2. Emergency Services: Working with emergency services, Trauma Clean 24 Seven manages biohazard situations from accidents, natural disasters, or hazardous materials. Their expertise ensures swift decontamination for the safety of responders and the public.
  3. Property Managers and Owners: Property managers often encounter situations requiring specialised cleanup, such as unattended deaths or accidents. Trauma Clean 24 Seven discreetly restores properties with trauma scene cleaning for a quick return to normalcy.
  4. Funeral Homes: Collaborating with funeral homes, Trauma Clean 24 Seven offers compassionate cleanup services. This partnership allows funeral homes to focus on supporting grieving families.
  5. Insurance Companies: Insurance companies rely on Trauma Clean 24 Seven for efficient and thorough cleanup, supporting clients during distressing times.


Trauma Clean 24 Seven’s commitment to excellence and compassion is evident in its diverse partnerships. Collaborating with law enforcement, emergency services, property managers, funeral homes, insurance companies, and community support organisations, they continue making a positive impact on those affected by traumatic events. Through their professional and empathetic approach, Trauma Clean 24 Seven stands as a beacon of support, aiding communities in rebuilding and individuals in finding solace amid adversity.

We offer a range of specialist and biohazard cleaning services. From hoarding clean up to needle sweeps and crime scene cleaning. For further information on any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8038 2726 or email at [email protected]